Author: Team Wineaway

One of the greatest privileges we have in our line of work is the opportunity to explore and taste some of the most delicious (and sometimes undiscovered) wines alongside many passionate people in our trade. ‘On The Tasting Bench’ is our new blog series dedicated to sharing these special experiences with all of you… one sip at a time.

We’re excited to take you along this tasting journey with us, perhaps share a thing or two about what we’ve learnt from the makers and creators, and roll out the occasional highlights from our recent events. We hope some of our stories may inspire you to try out something new, or perhaps relive some great memories you may have had with these wines too.

À votre santé!

  Posted: 19 December 2019

We had our Sensational Saturday flash tasting last weekend and boy did we have a fantastic lineup on show! For those who were unable to attend, fret not as these wines are still available for purchase and perfect for the holiday festivities! Read more...