Tasting Notes

No rating or review available. Fiano 100%. From the Lacey Vineyard in Whites Valley, where Fiano grows on a south-facing aspect in dark biscay clay over limestone. The Fiano was picked at the end of February in the cool of the morning, and transported to the winery for immediate processing. After 16 hours skin contact time, it was top loaded into the small press, the very lightly pressed whole juice immediately ran to old oak barrels and one small stainless tank for fermentation. The parcels were allowed to warm, and fermented naturally without any addition. The finished wines remained sitting on lees until June. The three parcels were blended and allowed to settle before being racked pre-bottling in September. Heavy rainfall in September and October led to the wettest Spring for many years, and strong vine growth. Flowering was dry and warm, resulting in great set and at last, healthy yields. A warm November really pushed vines along, with harvest looming as one of the earliest ever. But as often happens, the conditions evened out, with a mild January and February stretching the start of harvest out to be early, but close to average. A couple of summer rains kept the canopies fresh and elongated ripening around otherwise ideal conditions, warm days and cool nights. The absence of heat waves, the sunny warm days and the elongated ripening period led to what could be one of the greater vintages of the last decade.