Tasting Notes

Wine Spectator 95pts. No Wine Spectator tasting note available. Note taken from Justwinegrapes blog - No 1 wine of 2009: Writing down the number one wine on the list reminds me of when I took my first sip of this wine with my really good friend Martin – a white wine fanatic. We each sniffed, took a sip, turned to each other and said “Holy Shit”. I didn’t think wine could taste this good? And I already think wine is the tastiest stuff on earth. Is this really Sauvignon Blanc? Can it really have this absolutely insane depth of concentration and yet such profound acidity? Can it be light and full at the same time? Can this pair with the richest and creamiest of dishes but also just as perfectly with the waning summer air? I didn’t even realize wine could be this balanced. Needless to say, I went to great lengths to secure myself an allocation of Dagueneau’s last vintage (the 2007’s) before he sadly passed away. But, I’m sure that will only add to the legend. This was the easiest wine for me to pick on this list, and the most clearly deserving of the top wine of the year. This is the third Loire wine on this year’s list, coming from Pouilly Fumé – and damn it’s even better than the other two. If you can get your hands on anything by Dagueneau, you owe it to yourself to move the earth to make it happen.