We Buy Amazing Wine Collections

As wine lovers ourselves we appreciate that the palates and priorities of fine wine enthusiasts will change over time and that occasionally it is necessary to part with some or all of your valuable wine collection.

Wineaway is proud to own one of Australia’s finest and most prestigious back vintage retail wine collections, featuring many of the world’s most sought after and precious wines, all with immaculate provenance.

Knowing that the auction market discounts wines due to risk and that a perfectly cellared bottle sent to auction will likely fetch the same price alongside a bottle that visibly looks the same albeit having been stored in a warm garage all its life, we have dedicated ourselves to buying these precious collections (at a premium) and preserving their authenticity and greatness for the future benefit of all wine enthusiasts.




We buy private fine wine collections that have been perfectly cellared and handled with great care since purchase. All wines we commit to purchase are subject to strict bottle inspection checks prior to final confirmation and payment.
We pay a premium over and above secondary market returns for the most sought after wine collections. If we are not in custody of your wine collection already, we will likely require proof of provenance and detailed records of when and where all wines were stored prior to purchase.
We pay fine wine collectors within 48 hours of confirming to buy their precious wine collections via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to a nominated bank account.