Precision Wine Storage

Wineaway was established two decades ago in 2000 out of passion and dedication for curating the best wines and ensuring the provenance and longevity in each bottle. From precision storage and climate control, to security and client hospitality, we endeavour to offer the same optimal conditions and services to our guests and clients as we would expect for ourselves and our own collections.

We are proud to be a local business built by wine lovers for wine lovers.




Wineaway prides itself on offering precision fine wine storage and is owned and operated by wine lovers for wine lovers.  We are:

  Australia’s longest running and Queensland's largest fine wine storage & retail operator. Proudly established since 2000.   A proud custodian to over 200,000 bottles on behalf of 1000+ local and international wine enthusiasts.
Conveniently located in the inner-city suburb of Bowen Hills in Brisbane, 500m from the Gasworks precinct, and 10 minutes by car from the Brisbane Airport and the city centre. Light-tempered (non-fluorescent), vibration resistant, temperature and humidity controlled ‘refrigerated’ cellar at 14-15.2°C and 60-75%RH.



Our service is fully managed, which takes the hard work out of owning a wine collection.  When you deliver wines to us (or have them sent to us via a third party) we will:

  Carefully inspect and catalogue all wines upon arrival and place them within our climate controlled wine cellar.   Ensure your collection is assigned to a fully secure individual client locker which is only accessible by the Wineaway team.
Catalogue the precise wine information to our online database, where you have the ability to access 24/7 and view or add additional information such as pricing data, drinking windows and tasting notes. Equip you with full autonomy to manage your wine collection virtually via our dedicated online database, where you can select the appropriate wine(s) anytime you require them to be retrieved (for collection or delivery).



We endeavour to deliver competitive rates for storage, handling and delivery. Unlike many other storage facilities, we charge storage by the bottle to ensure you are not paying for unused space. All collections are stored in precise climate controlled conditions within cases in individual client lockers. All bottles are stored on their side, free of light (0% UV) and vibration. Additions will normally be posted online within 1-2 business days, however in times of heavy demand delays may result. Retrieval requests will be ready for collection and/or delivery the day after notification.

Monthly Storage ........ $0.25 per standard bottle*
Handling Inwards ........ $0.50 per standard bottle
Retrieval ........ $1.00 per standard bottle

*A 12-month minimum storage period typically required.
All rates are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of GST. Additional services, terms and conditions apply.
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