By Farr - 2021/22 New Releases

You know you are making exceptional wines when the absence of critic reviews has little to no effect on your wines selling out each year. Unlike many wineries who time their marketing hype to perfection with a bevy of high scores and tasting notes just prior to release that have us all suffering FOMO, By Farr wines turn up with minimal fanfare and zero scores, just winemaker notes and wine prices and a choice, knowing if you blink they’ll be gone. It seems Nick Farr chooses to send out tasting samples when the hard work is done and the loyal followers have been taken care of, a very admirable trait that we’re keen to follow in the footsteps. Having tasted all but the Chardonnay, I can highly recommend these 2021’s, incredible wines.

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I feel we might have reached the time to not talk about how good the viognier is. Too many people will want it. It’s supreme. It has this sleek chardonnay esque (read barrel spice) wrapping that holds the apricot core of this wine so beautifully. The texture is chiselled, the flavours confident and intense, but they don’t take over. It’s not an apricot wine, for instance. This has a note of dried apricots, but it also carries a stone fruit element, white flowers, ginger, barrel work and then terrific acidity. It’s like Chardonnay with benefits. There’s never much, there never has been, but the Viognier was always the hidden treasure, only to be found by those that had tried the obscure and rare appellations of Condrieu or Chateau Grillet. Don’t chill it too much, just let it be cool, not frigid. I’ve said too much. It’s just terrific, an incredibly impressive glass of wine. (I originally said “almost perfect glass of wine”, but people view that with too much scepticism) – Winery Note

River pebbles, struck match, stone fruit, spice, citrus. All that just from the first sniff. The skill to have so much on offer in a glass, yet keep the palate under such tension is really something. The ‘22 By Farr Chardonnay just gives and gives, from flavour to texture through to the finish. It’s long and incredibly fine but also has a softness to it. Perhaps some malo, perhaps some lees work. The wood is like a bass note to a melody and gives the wine an unassuming gravitas and rounds out what is an exemplary and beautifully balanced Chardonnay. – Winery Note

There’s a similar texture here to the Sangreal, but the flavour profile is darker, not leathery, but a tougher skin, a denser fruit expression which seems to make the wine more resolute. The whole wine feels tighter, more closely bound and brooding. I don’t think beautiful is the right word to describe the aroma of this one, it’s too simple a word. There’s ripe fruit, cherries and dark plums, there’s the hit of whole bunch, wood and earth. There’s so many points of light in this wine, it’s hard to single out just one key theme. Complexity begins to describe it, but sounds to lack emotion. It’s a blend of the two, and more. – Winery Note

There’s no wall flowers in the Farr winery and these Pinots are testament to that. It’s immediately engaging, it’s got something to say. Big aromatic spice notes, whole bunch influence, ripe fruit and an exotic character that really draws you in. It has a lovely softness, but it doesn’t offer this at the expense of structure. The acid line is en pointe, and it needs to be with so much happening in this wine. These change the script when it comes to Australian Pinot Noir, they are peerless. – Winery Note

The ‘21 Shiraz is a bit of a shape shifter. Initial notes suggest a deep, velvet wine, full of black fruit and spice. As the wine opens up there is a brightness to it, a summer pudding type fruit expression of berries and cream. More spice comes through, black olive tapenade, it’s rich yet savoury. There is a note of whole bunch, that green zone crunch, tang and lift and it finishes with such a pure crack of pepper; pink, campot and some white pepper too. Endlessly intriguing and mouthwatering. Whilst Pinot Noir takes the limelight at By Farr, you would do yourself a great disservice to not think this is one of the very best Shiraz being made in Australia, and as such, terrifically undervalued. – Winery Note