Welcome to the Home of the World's Best Wines

Wineaway was established in April 2000 as a cool place to store great wine – a purpose-built, temperature-controlled environment where Queensland’s wine lovers could keep their coveted collections catalogued and on call. Since then our company has grown to become Queensland's largest and most popular private wine storage and retail destination; a custodian to 200,000+ bottles in precise climate-controlled cellaring conditions.

To complement our storage business, we offer our clients an extensive retail collection of exclusive and highly rated wines at competitive prices. If your passion is for aged wines, Wineaway’s extensive Museum List offers the opportunity to purchase rare wines and spectacular vintages, that are only found in the world's finest wine stores, all with the added benefit of immaculate provenance.

...After all, isn't life too short to drink bad wine? À votre santé!

Owner & Director

Over 25 years ago, Scott became fascinated with wine and  –  as with everything Scott becomes fascinated with –  it soon became all consuming. After spending nearly every night for the next 3 years reading about wine, contacting winemakers, visiting wineries and wine stores, and then working short stints in wine retail and then a wine and general storage business, Scott set up Wineaway – a business dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of fine wine.

Wineaway is essentially Scott’s life work, something he has been passionately dedicated to for the past two decades. The business has operated with one overarching value throughout the years and that is to ‘do unto others (and their wine) as you would have them do unto you’. The journey has been long and there have been many barriers, but to this day the philosophy has never been compromised, and never will be, and it is the essential ingredient to Wineaway’s success.

Today, you'll see Scott along with his wife and small, dedicated team working passionately to continue delivering Wineaway's belief in sharing the very best with our community of wine lovers.

Scott’s favourite drop these days are the wines from Burgundy, Piedmont and Tuscany.