"Sometimes it takes an outsider to truly appreciate the gifts and potential of a region. I first met Dave Fletcher, a native of Australia, at Ceretto, where he is the winemaker. A few years ago Fletcher started making wines under his own label at a tiny cellar that was once a train station in the flats of Barbaresco, below Marchesi di Grèsy. The first wines are certainly impressive. In a very short time, by Italian standards, Fletcher has managed to forge some pretty strong relationships that give him access to top-tier fruit. More importantly, Fletcher clearly understands the potential of Piedmont, something not all of the locals do, and he has the ambition, commitment and sheer drive to go after his dreams. That’s pretty impressive stuff in my book." Antonio Galloni


“I consider myself lucky to be making wines in the Langhe and even luckier that I have no legacy to follow. It’s led to a freedom to play and deconstruct tradition, all in an attempt to start afresh without any boundaries. I’m on a constant search for great vineyards, and always trying to make wines that give a sense of passion and place. Not all of them are single vineyards, because I think great things can come from careful crafting. Not all the wines will be produced each year either, as nature dictates most of what I do. I use everything I’ve learnt from my experiences of making wine and working in the vineyards around the world, pulling out the methodology that I believe in and then injecting a few twists and turns…….Hopefully it all works for you!” Dave Fletcher


"...they are honest wines with real typicity, and they are affordable and reliable. This is one of the few dependable cooperatives in Italy." Decanter
“There are few producers making Barbaresco in the same class as the wines of the Produttori, but none who surpasses them.” Sheldon Wasserman