Domaine Naturaliste - 'Shining Light from the West'

Cradled by the Indian and Great Southern Oceans, the Margaret River wine region enjoys a gentle maritime climate of cool wet winters and warm dry summers. Plentiful, pure water and idyllic Indian summers provide superb growing conditions for many grape varietals and is also superb for people.

The region’s geologically ancient decomposed granite soils are well suited to grape growing. Combined with the favourable climate and own-rooted grape cultivars, the vines and wines are alive with a vivid core flavour and generous texture. Winemaker Bruce Dukes and his team ensure healthy soils and balanced vines to produce the finest quality fruit.

Bruce draws on decades of local and international winemaking experience – including four years at Francis Ford Coppola’s Niebaum-Coppola winery in California and a significant tenure at Pierro Winery locally. His time spent in California helped Bruce hone his exacting and confident approach. His winemaking philosophy is best described by wine expert Professor Steven Kolpan who noted in his book ‘A Sense of Place’ that, “Bruce Dukes articulates the art and science of winemaking with elegance and ease. Bruce knows that the best wines are made vine by vine, berry by berry…”

“…Grand style of Margaret River Chardonnay on show here”. Gary Walsh - Winefront