Hoddles Creek & Henri Boillot

Located in the heart of the Upper Yarra Valley, Hoddles Creek is one of Australia's most awarded wineries. It was established in 1997 when the D'Anna family decided to establish a vineyard on the property that has been in the family since 1960. The vineyard sits astride Gembrook road and adjacent Hoddles Creek. Its steeply sloping blocks prohibit mechanical harvesting, with both vineyards being hand pruned and harvested. Their wines, which are single vineyard, estate grown, are made in their 300 tonne winery, constructed for the 2003 vintage. The split-level winery has a barrel store located three meters underground. Hoddles Creek Estate is planted with 10ha of pinot noir (five clones), 6 ha of chardonnay, 1ha each of sauvignon blanc, merlot and cabernet sauvignon, and 1.5ha of pinot gris.

“Our mission is to produce a terroir driven Yarra Valley wine of the highest possible quality sourced from impeccably farmed old vines with a focus on balance, complexity, concentration and ageability.”  Hoddles Creek

Combining their distinct personalities, father and son work together on the domain. Both make great wines: Henri the whites, Guillaume the reds.

Henri Boillot is the purposeful, passionate founder of the domain, which he steers firmly to the highest standards. His strong work ethic and dedication have resulted in an exacting, well-run domain, which he is proud to pass on to the next generation. His present focus is devoted to his precise, elegant white wines.

Having worked his way up the echelons to head of viticulture, Guillaume is now in charge of the red wines at the domain. He has subtly wrought his own style into the vinification process, revealing the very best of the terroirs, especially in Volnay. His emphasis on sensitivity, and the pleasure he takes in his work, can be felt in his wines, which are full, rounded, sensual and fine.

"We interfere with the growing process as little as possible, and only a select few are permitted access to the vines. We established this philosophy of non-intervention as early as the 1990s, making the domain a forerunner in a practice that has since become widespread. The making of a great wine starts at the vine. Dedicated care and constant attention is required at each stage of growth, from the very first cut of the secateur. Throughout the year, we tend to our vines with utmost precision."