Australia's #1 Wine of 2023 & a Tip Top Tempranillo


The team overseeing the James Halliday / Wine Companion Wine of the Year awards have spoken and the #1 Wine in the Country this year is …


For those of you in the know you may be mutturing to yourself… “but Yangarra make 4 premium Grenache wines and the Old Vine Grenache is the ‘cheapest’ in the range so how does that work?”

We’ve heard from quite a few people in the industry this past week so believe the Ovitelli is Yangarra’s finest sub $100 Grenache and rumour even has it that James Halliday himself rated the 2021 Ovitelli higher than the 2021 Old Vine Grenache earlier this year. Huon Hooke has also recently reviewed the Yangarra icons and rated the Ovitelli vastly superior to the Old Vine, scoring it a full 5 points higher and adding yet another spicy twist to the Wine Companion ‘Wine of the Year’ awards selection process.

Knowing our clients are a pretty good judge of a judge wine, today we’re offering a mixed pack of the 2021 Ovitelli and 2021 Old Vine for those of our clients keen to pass judgement on which Yangarra Grenache you believe is #1. Stand-alone half bottles of the 2021 Old Vine Grenache are also available!



For lovers of non-mainstream wines! Whilst we are on the subject of Australia’s not-so-mainstream varieties, I have to send a shout out to the team at Mayford who have produced a lovely, rich and savoury 2021 Tempranillo that recently scored a very fine 96 points from Jeni Port for the Wine Companion.

When you consider the wine world is dominated by marketing, wine show results and the like, some small businesses spend their time ignoring the fame and fortune and focus on producing amazing wines for their loyal clientele.

I believe Eleana, Brian and their family are one small winemaking family doing just that and for those of you keen to support them we have included their outstanding 2021 Tempranillo in this offer.